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Tmarlin is the best partner of traffic big data analysis for O & M and security. It is a pure C program compatible with major Windows versions, extremely low consumption and high perf., it can reside in the background to perform continuous run. It can analyze TCP/UDP/HTTP/SQL sessions, output JSON (20 KPIs & 10 latency KQIs, or URL, or SQL) for each session to local or remote collector; storage packets to local PCAP or remote collector.

Publisher Description

Window 10 CompatibleThis is a amazing network traffic tool that seems to know all the needs of users for cloud node / VM / X86 server / PC traffic. It is a pure C program compatible with major Windows versions, extremely low consumption and high perf., therefore, it is suitable for 7 * 24 to reside in the background, providing high-quality source data for the O & M and security big data analysis platform. It has two main functions: 1. In JSON format, output 20 KPIs and 10 latency KQIs of each TCP/UDP/HTTP/SQL session in real time, store them in local file with FIFO, or encapsulate JSON into UDP packet output them to remote data collector (such as KAFKA); 2. Store network traffic to a local PCAP files with FIFO (supports packet truncation), or forward RAW packets to other DPI traffic analysis products in real-time over VXLAN tunnel. In addition, it can capture network traffic with a variety of policies, and can automatically resolve VXLAN and GRE encapsulated protocols. The most important premise above is that when you deploy Tmarlin, you don't need to worry about t's resource consumption and impact on other applications, because it only occupies 50MB of memory, and even at 500Mbps, it only occupies 7% resource just in only one vCPU. The next version, 3.0, will be released on May 1. In 3.0, we will also associate each session with each process. In this way, NPMD can seamlessly cooperate with APM, LOG, and big data security products to achieve greater value.

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